When I close my eyes, I want to see your light shine through.

When I clench my teeth, I don’t want to let you go.

I can’t kiss the doubt, I can’t kiss the mistrust.

But I can embrace suspicion, I can embrace you.

Anytime soon the hug will end, and we’ll have to let go.

When the feeling your warmth is gone, and you are away.

I begin to understand that our simple behavior is controlled by sophisticated chemicals.

Everything we do not understand is sneaking through our fingers.

Me too, You too.



Once you told me,
you will understand what Love is.
Once you told me,
it will not be enough.
I am now participating in the Destiny’s Theater.
Sometimes I think I’m going down, is not it?
Sometimes I’m crazy about you,
although it hardly seems to me.
Maybe I’m not quite right,
What love is that?
Please tell me that you are mine.
Sometimes I see you as I dream.
Tell me you will let me go.
I do not have to say it,
but you have to leave,
to find love.
Maybe I am falling or perhaps I am not.
I wonder if I know what love is.
One theater, one life, one dream, one game.
You remain so distant all the time.

Free sky

Free sky

When will love come,
and be everything for her?
What is the point for the broken heart,
A wounded bird that cannot fly.
She spread wings with no feathers,
cut like from her soul.
From that inner wounds,
she lost her voice.
Can not fly,  can not cry.
Only quietly can stand,
life to suffer and extend.
Which by thin threads weaves her.
The sad bird that doesn’t fly away.
Just peacefully, contemplates.
Does she know
She means all for the cage,
where she stays?
People of desire

People of desire

I want so much

to be always with you

I want so much

To be everything for you

I want so much

you to Feel like me


It is so human to want

It is so human not to remain silent

It is so human not wanting to adjust

Don’t you think it’s so selfish to want

to extinguish the Pain in your heart

with a splash from another soul.


What’s the point

of two souls to be together

when they are equally empty?

What’s the point of seeing,

if you live in darkness?

Flash of lightning in the night.

The Spark

The Spark

Your hands,

Your hands, so cold.

I want to hold.

With your warm soul,

I want to weave.

Overnight to stay awake

To look at you, so sweet.

Then gently, full of hope

to fall asleep.

Calm my sleep seems,

Hardly infinite, it will remain,

once we leave the comfort of the night.

In the daytime light,

my heart longs for you

Jumping, beating but alone,

waiting for the moment, overnight,

when we touch, and we feel the spark again.

Open doors

Open doors

My heart and souls to give.

Behind unlocked doors, I live.

Unused Keys scattered all around

Notting left there to hide and keep

My heart is safe with you

My soul will always watch over you

Love is not just a phrase

But part of this simple verse